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About Jan


Hello my name is Janice Grover... "Jan"

Below is a little History of Jan's Coupons:


I've been clipping coupons since 1979.

In 1984 I started Jan's Coupon Club in my home town of Medford, NY.

I was a subsriber of many coupon magazines, including: Supermarket Shopper, Refund, Express and I currently subscribe to Refunding Makes Cents.

In 1985 I started trading coupons through the mail.

In 1989 I won a shopping spree valued at up to $,1000.00 and was able to grab a total of $929.33 worth of groceries from the Pathmark supermarket in Medford, New York. Actually my 71 year old mother-in-law won the "Shoppers Payday" but due to her severe arthritis she was unable to make the run and entrusted it to me. I had entered the contest on her behalf while sending for a refund in her name

In 1993 I ran my own Refund Convention in Queens New York with over 100 other couponers showing up for fellowship and to compare notes.